Xerox Privacy Policy in relation to ConnectKey Apps distributed through the Xerox App Gallery

This Privacy Policy applies to ConnectKey Apps which are owned by LLC "Xerox (C.I.S.)" (hereinafter “Xerox”) and distributed through the Xerox App Gallery.

The Xerox Privacy Policy implies that:

  • Xerox informs you on how your private information is used;
  • Xerox maintains the confidentiality of and provides guarantees for the safety of private information;
  • You can manage private information you want to provide to Xerox;
  • You do not need to provide Xerox with any private information to purchase and use ConnectKey Apps.

While using ConnectKey Apps, you are able to contact Xerox to ask questions, learn more about ConnectKey Apps or ask for assistance with Apps that you purchased. This may require you to provide some common private information, such as your name, phone number, e-mail address or your Xerox App Gallery user account information. Such data may be necessary for us to be able to answer your question.

Xerox keeps all information provided in strict confidence; information that you provide to Xerox may not be sold or transferred to third parties, except for our agents and partners as described below.

Xerox submits information to government agencies whenever it is required by law. Although at present we do not expect changes to our corporate status, in the event of a merger or acquisition of the company or its major assets, Xerox may disclose, transfer or sell private information to the remaining or acquiring party accordingly. In such a case, private information, as indicated above, will be covered by this Privacy Policy.

Xerox requests a minimum amount of information required to provide you with assistance.

Xerox needs user private information to be able to:

  • answer customers’ questions;
  • offer technical support to customers;
  • provide customers with information on new products, updates and give them helpful advice on Xerox products.

Private information provided for business purposes may be integrated with the available base catalogues of business data.

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